Infoglobe is your trusted partner in acquiring leads in Central and Eastern Europe

Data collection

We collect public and private information about tenders, sales opportunities for every industry in Central and Eastern Europe. By organizing and classifying data, we are able to provide a structured, tailored report every month for what is your next lead in your business.

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Your tailored opportunities

Based on keywords and classification, we filter and qualify the leads in our database and ensure that you only get business opportunities that are relevant to your needs and agreed preferences.

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Trends and development directions

Based on the opportunities observed, we help you find the upcoming trends in your industry, and find the right strategic directions to go with your business.

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Our tailored consulting services help you in developing your sales strategy and use the right methods and tactics for best approaching your customers. From pipeline development tools to data cleansing and organizational development for salespeople, we can get your B2B sales channel efficiency to the next level.

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Customized monthly lead data

Our traditional data feed service provides you with a monthly set of actual sales opportunities for Central and Eastern European countries. The dataset is customized according to preset filters and preferences set by you.

  • Validated opportunities from public and private sources
  • Detailed customer data with contacts and purchasing history
  • Deal value and expected close date

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Detailed opportunity reports

We provide detailed reports on each opportunity listed to help you to choose your approach in following the lead and getting to the customer. The reports include:

  • A recap of the customer with financial and strategy data
  • Purchasing history and contacts
  • Known suppliers and competitors

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Consulting services

We deliver tailored consulting services for B2B sales organizations helping to build and maintain an efficient sales staff and processes.

  • Proven methodology and best industry practices
  • An exploration phase to adapt services to your specific needs
  • Sales application and training recommendations

Pricing for data services

We provide individual prices and project pricing for complex services and consulting. Please ask for a proposal.

Basic monthly report


This is a monthly recurring payment.

  • Filtering on 3 criteria
  • Contains basic lead data
  • Includes 1 CEE country or country group

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Detailed opportunity report


Per lead item

  • Detailed report including manual research
  • Based on a single item
  • On request only

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With our precise and actual lead data, you can concentrate on the sales and delivery efficiency in your organization and together we can increase your revenue and let you grow the business the way you have always dreamed of

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How do I know the lead quality?

Our lead database is manually checked and qualified. Our experts have been helping salespeople for more than 10 years and are constantly researching to avoid errors and omissions in the data feed.

What are the best practices for using Infoglobe data?

We always recommend to start with the monthly data feed, comparing with your records and market information to check for new or unknown leads. After a rough qualification process, you might continue with the individual query and choose a few for detailed opportunity reports.

Is this available to my country?

Infoglobe is gathering data in Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia. For further countries and regions please contact us and we might help you to extend our coverage

I have technical problem who do I email?

You will be provided a personal contact who is responsible for your business needs. Any technical or billing problem can be resolved by contacting the dedicated project manager.

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The deal value won by Infoglobe customers is well over €100 million. By subscribing now, you can be part of this growing community and increase your sales efficieny immediately.

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